Why silver?

Someone asked me recently at a show, why I work predominantly in silver? According to my friend Michelle, who makes the most intricate and lovely jewelry and is as well versed in gem lore as a person can be, “silver, sign of Cancer and Aquarius, is connected to the moon and the ocean. It is a very feminine metal, helps to improve communication, increases perception, and regulates emotional and intuitive energies”. I also  know it has the highest electrical and heat conductivity of any metal, so, in light of the fact that we are warm blooded and emit electrical charges, it all makes sense that when folks wear my jewellry they say things like “it feels like a tatoo” or they truly can feel the “energy flow through the piece”. Silver at one time was more rare and highly prized than gold. For myself, though I deeply enjoy the colored gold alloys I often work with, silver is the first metal I reach for. It is the color in which the visualizations that eventually become my work appear. It’s like a mirror or a perfect reflection of the soul.

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  1. I LOVE silver.. I love it over gold, copper, platinum and anything else. For me, silver is where it’s at! Thanks for the post Kerin! 🙂

  2. Hey thanks, Kerin, for the compliments on the new pics 🙂 And this was such an interesting post on silver!
    It’s my favorite metal too 🙂

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