Lady of style…

Aretha, you rocked the hat, and our hearts! What style…not fashion, but S-T-Y-L-E.  I am going to paraphrase an article written by Hara Estroff Marano for Psychology Today magazine, because I cannot even begin to say it better myself…

” There is a great misunderstanding about style. Style isone part self-knowlege, and one part self -confidence. It is a life affirming expression of your character and spirit, a conviction that you are worth knowing, worth looking at, and can present yourself well.  It is knowing your stregnths and weaknesses so you can accentuate your stregnths, and not hide any real or imagined shortcomings. Feeling good about yourelf is the sine qua non of LOOKING good. 
-STYLE should never be confused with fashion. Fashion is the the ‘in’ clothing, style is the wearer.  Style, if nothing is a celebration of individuality. It glorifies the fact that we are different.
-STYLE is intelligent because it requires self knowledge.
-STYLE is optimistic, because it presumes you are a person of interest, that the world is a place of interest.
-STYLE is in fact a way of avoiding the clutter of ‘stuff’ , a way of making choices and selecting not   by the pressures of advertising, but by internal considerations.
-STYLE is aristocratic; it announces to the world that the wearer has a sense  of self.
-STYLE is democratic; it assumes everyone has the potential to create an identity that is unique.
    Your style should evolve over time as your inner character does. There is no style without taking risk, exploring new sides of the self, saving what works, and discarding the errors. Style rejects ideals and goes its own way…it is in fact, a triumph of the truth”. 
   Find your bow hat, speak your truth….Amen!

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  1. It drives me crazy when style is confused with fashion- you can’t buy style, it’s innate! I’m so glad you wrote about this. And seeing Aretha in that fabulous hat makes me want to wear one, too.

  2. Amen ! Thanks for sharing this article with us Kerin, I shall wear my bow hat and search for truth. And thank you Aretha for sharing your style with all us on that special occasion. I shall never forget your performance and classy style.

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