el sol y la luna

Inspired by my work teaching art to children, I created these earrings celebrating a book by Matthew Gollub titled The Moon was at a Fiesta. This lovely porquoi tale explains why the moon is sometimes seen in daylight. The story begins ” For hundreds of years the sun ad the moon stayed in their separate skies. It was the sun’s job to shine all day long while people went about their work.  It was the moon’s job to watch over people’s dreams. Both were happy until one night,  the moon overheard the stars’ gossip.  Some stars wished they could  come out with the sun … all the games and feasts take place under the sun’s brilliant rays”…the moon becomes so jealous, she decides to have a fiesta at night. The people enjoy the party so much they stay out into daybreak…and sleep all day!…no work gets done in the fields, no fruit is picked, no corn is sown! La luna is remorseful, and though she resigns herself to stay in the evening sky, she occasionally likes to celebrate, and that is why we see her in the daytime on occasion!  A beautiful children’s book with the loveliest gouache illustrations….

    Long worshipped as deities in pre Judeo Christian times, the sun and the moon have represented the cycles of life in many cultures. Sun, giver of life, and moon, symbol of the earth, yin and yang, male and female energies, the dualities that are present in all living things. 
    Hand carved a mano of soft golden beeswax, I have cast these and set them with iolite cabochons; a luscious shade of violet blue.  You can find them in my shop, and read more about the mythology of sun/moon energy!

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  1. What stunning ear bobs. I would love to wear them at a moon fiesta ! I have the book you speak of in my library. Am a fan of the artist that illustrated this book. Leovigildo Martinez. Became familiar with his artwork on one of my pilgrimages to Santa Fe, NM. There was a wee gallery there with paintings of his and then at Cafe Pasqual, this book was for sale. I think he has illustrated another book by Matthew Gollub, but I will have to check. I borrow so many books from the library it is hard to remember all I have read. I always think of this story of the Moon staying at the fiesta when I see the moon in the sky in the daytime.


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