Look what I found!

Spring!…..yes, I have troll feet!

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  1. Kerin, your toes are like rice crispies, they are so cute! My cousin, who happens to be very beautiful to boot has toes just like yours, they make me smile… my feet happen to be the complete opposite and if I were ever to loose a hand my toes would manage just fine in doing the job my fingers once did… they are freakishly long:) ET finger long!

    U know the snow dumped on us again and that drift is now to the tip of the barn roof. I’ll post a photo here soon… can you believe we actually want to live out there?

  2. My sister in law, Kathy LOVES her ring! My daughter said she wore it everywhere!

    I am wearing my Universe bracelet right now. Kerin, you are truly the best!


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