I am pathetic….I made ’em in chocolate!….for those of you that must know, use Jenny Sue’s recipe w/ my substitutions ( walnut oil for the ghee…see the hyper link for her beautiful recipe card pdf.) and add 1/4 cup organic baking cocoa powder plus 1 1/2 tablespoons brown rice syrup to sweeten the cocoa addition…..voila! It might not be jewellery, but its creative n’est-ce pas?

   Add a cup of lemon ginger tea and couple of empathetic giggly girlfriends and you are good to go!

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  1. Lady, wrap those up and sell them in your shop because I would rather have those than my own:)

    YUmmmmm, Chocolate……

  2. Yummy–adding chocolate was a stroke of genius! I’ll have to try out this recipe soon– Right now my specialty is vegan oatmeal raisin–not too exciting, eh? 😉

  3. So you left in the spices but added the chocolate ? I must try this version. My third or was it fourth batch, I pulled out of the oven a bit sooner and then the biscuits were softer. I like them both ways, hard and soft.

  4. yes, Kelly, I did the cocoa in addition to the spices…but if you swap oil, for the ghee or butter, make sure you cut it in half ( use only 1/4 cup!)

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