uninvited guest!

I saw something moving outside my window a few moments ago…..look who is there!….now I KNOW who has been nibbling my sprouting tulips! 
Brought a smile to my face, on a grey, income tax doing-day…….
To all of you who are celebrating Easter today, this is for you…… brightest blessings to you and yours! 
( He really is out there….as I write this!)

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  1. Too funny! 😀 Love the pink bow tie 🙂
    But I’m sorry to hear you’re doing income taxes–that is a drag!
    Take care,

  2. oh, this was such an add occurrence…when I ran out to take his photo, this chap refused to pose!…kept behaving like a 6 foot tall bunny, hiding behind trees and nibbling their branches, till he disappeared behind a fence….wondering if he wasn’t some very creative burglar or something…wasn’t there a movie about that once?

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