Yogi chai dipping biscuits….

I follow a blog belonging to artist Jenny sue Kostecki-Shaw, a most lovely friend of Kelly Buntin Johnson, another artist friend from the cyber world. In the spirit of keeping my hands moving  in order to get the creative spirit to flow, I baked up my own version of these delicous and savory chai dipping biscuits  Jenny Sue posted on one of her blogs called chai pilgrimage. (you can click on the hyper link and get your own version of her lovely recipe card to print out!)

    I substituted 6 grain flour for one of the cups called for, and 1/4 cup walnut oil for the 1/2 cup of ghee, baking mine an extra 10 minutes so they would be really hard for a good tea dip!…..absolutely yummy and aromatic and perfect with a fresh brewed  steaming cup of lemon ginger yerba mate! I got so excited by making these, I plan to whip up a chocolate chai version later today….see, the creative juices are starting to flow!

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  1. Alright, whose responsible for making my mouth water;)

    I am not really a baking type of gall {I burn most of what I put in the oven} Over due everything as a matter of fact:) But if I can dip these lovelies into tea I might have to try my hand at them, simple recipe I hope…

    Anyhow, its been a while since I’ve landed over in your world and I did miss you something terrible, and must say hello: I have a lot going on in my shop and am almost ready to introduce another item, but it has to be up to my standards of perfecto’shine before I let them fly away from my nest, you know. You do know, I know:)

    So I am going to read all of what I have missed and learn what else has been happening in your charmed part of the world. Plus, I am so favoring your new items in the shop and the earthy tangible zesty photography of them you have been taking, wowsa!

  2. Lovely Kayla, I am so surprised and pleased with this visit!….oh yes, do check out Jenny Sue’s recipe..super simple and fast ( I made a bunch and threw em in the freezer for later use) PERFECT accoutrement to a cup o tea on a rainy afternoon…and not that I wish us rain, but would love to be sharing that tea with you!…..please blog more regarding your CSA plans….I am a BIG proponent of them!…belong to a winter one which is totally cool http://www.petesgreens.com and grow my own stuff during the summer…they rock!…hope you are rejuvenated and refreshed…your absence is always flelt…..

  3. YUM–those look tasty! Nothing better than a cup of chai…except, of course, chai with dipping biscuits 😀

    Just catching up on my blog reading and commenting today–! Wanted to say thanks for the encouragement about my new wedding line and that I got your note re: CLC…
    YES–the woman is definitely batty! Finally got through to someone about reshipping supplies and so off they go today. No word about the other suit though…

    How goes the creativity? Any relief from the doldrums?

    One thing that I’ve found helps me (and this may just be because I’m an obsessive compulsive neat freak Virgo…) is to reorganize my workspace when I’m feeling stymied creatively. I go through and sort through my beads, and rearrange my threads, and my inspiration board–and afterwards I not only find that my work space is more fun to work at, I often come up with new color schemes, etc. just by going through things I haven’t seen in awhile…

    Oh! My other tip is to keep a bowl of reject jewelry on your desk, and when your stumped, take that out and play around with making them into something new and wearable…again, the surprising juxtapositions always gets my creativity going..

    Just my 2 cents worth!

    Hope you’re doing well 🙂
    Take care,

  4. hi Kerin! thanks for the links—it’s fun to check out your blog, too. and i’m going to try the walnut oil. i think it’s such a fun ‘base recipe’ to play with and use for all sorts of cookies. patrick uses it to make a crazy yummy chocolate-lavender cookie. mmmm.

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