Vermont Crafts Council Open Studio Event…..

    Where have I been?….well, a bunch of places these past few weeks (wrapping up teaching gig for the year, building new website, getting the beginnings of the vegetable garden in,  but mostly, getting ready for THIS! Hazel would love for you all to come and see me and my work at my friend Tab’s studio…she creates the most ethereal luminaries, and other lovelies out of dreamy creamy porcelain you will ever see…head on out for a ride in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont, have some sweet treats, try on some jewels and choose a lovely platter to display it on when you take it home!…this is a great opportunity to visit artist studios all over the state and immerse yourself in the creative flow that abounds here!…see how the handmade is alive and well in 2009, get inspired, and meet so many folks who are committed to making the world a better place to live by sharing their art…

You can check out Tabbatha’s work and of course, you all know where to find me!

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  1. Wow Lovely Lady, that starts up really soon! Hope tomorrow is full of delight and making fine connections with grand people… I know they will love you!

    I am the type of person to bring my camera and snap photo after photo at these events, yet I found people generally do not like it unless I give them my business card and tell them I’m just making a post and reference to their studio… good exposure:))) Great conversation starter! said there is nothing people like more than to talk about themselves, and they adore a good listener:)

    Then these joys and delightfully creative people really shine, become less worried that I may be taking some intellectual property and surveilling their booth, and they are more than excited and willing to allow me to share my story too especially when they see I am already established:))) People offer so much wonderful insight as to how they started… hoe their children are involved, what inspired them to start, and really open up with their craft story… I adore meeting new people at venues! I so desire to be in Vermont right now!

    Have fun for me too, K!

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