Drum roll please…….


Tum ta-da dum!…..well miss Hazel insisted she get to pick this weeks’ giveaway winner…..not having opposable thumbs, she needed a little help here (note the scowly little look on her cute face!) in opening up the piece of paper…BTW, after this captured moment, she ATE it!…..ahh, the work of retraining a rescued street urchin!….

   And the winner is….Michaela Dawn!…
Please send Hazel your shipping addy at kerinrose(at)myfairpoint.net  so she may pack up and mail your gift…( no worries, she only eats paper, not metal!)  
   Many thanks to those who participated….a bucketful of heartfelt gratitude and love for sharing your stories, and yourselves….and to all my readers and fellow  travelers, please stay tuned for more giveaway mania, as I am cleanin’ house…spring cleaning…game ON!
namaste, Kerin

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  1. Ahhhh, yaaaayaaaa!

    Hazel your a beauty after my own heart, and Kerin you already gots it love!!!!

    Thank you darlings!

    I am, as of the moment, having some breakfast and coffee next to my girl {we have the morning to ourselves today} While Isabella eats her orange and yogurt with wheat germ I'm reading and contemplating the rainy day activities… you know she too likes to eat paper, should get her and Hazel together sometime and give them a chance to have a sweet PEA meeting {paper eaters anonymous}… hahaha…

    and so this has brightened my gypsy life even more!
    Over the sun and moon happy, coffee never tasted so fine while I daydream of dancing garnets hanging from silver hoops…. ohh I am so glad I can call them mine:)


  2. Michaela Dawn:….some things are just meant to be in life, I suppose…these garnets are a transcendent symbol of love, from me to you and yours!….yes, perfect for your gypsy soul!…( did I ever tell you, I am descended from gypsies? :)…..

    yeah, I could see Isi w/ Hazel at Paper Eaters Anonymous…they would most likely pass out little tiny paper hats as hors d'oeuvres!..

    ML: goodness gracious, thanks for the love from Brazil!….I did indeed give Hazel a smooch for you…
    with a Portuguese flair of course!

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