a closer look for your viewing pleasure!

check out my previous post below to see what this is about..
calm Buddha, no worries!

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  1. I was just thinking about how much I love my earings this morning and there you are Kerin Rose with a new give away… could it be fate?

  2. I was checking out your etsy site last night and eyeing the small te amo ring. And now I get this sweet offer for a possible prize?

    I still get daily comments on the lotus ring and hamsa necklace. Still working on getting you into Asheville!

    You'll hear from me soon about the ring.

  3. beautiful pendant – I still wear my triple heart bracelet from you everyday – I just love it! ~ Kathleen

  4. Hey there Kerin! Your blog site is really enjoyable. Your work brings me much happiness. Hope you are well, Take care, Wenonah

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