at the farmers market…….

Just a little view from my ‘post’ at the south burlington farmer’s market, at Healthy Living this past sunday!….it felt sort of funny, as I went ‘casual’ with my display for the occasion…normally when I show my work, on the rare occasions that I do, I do so much more formally…in glass cases, with matchy-matchy  tablecloths, halogen lighting…the works. But in the spirit of community connections, I wanted to do a more laid back style of presentation, just to see how it would feel. Most of my things, with the exception of my pieces made from recycled 14K gold, were laid out in the open on wooden trays to invite more touching  and trying on than usually goes on without my ‘assistance’.  It was just great fun to watch folks slide rings onto fingers, and  watch customers try on pendants and sort of ‘talk to themselves’….one woman put on my dragonfly ring, and exclaimed aloud “wow, that just sort of melted onto my finger….and it just feels like it belongs there!”…..she sort of caught herself for a moment, in embarrassment for talking out loud like that, but yet , I thought it was so cool to see such a genuine, heartfelt reaction just pop out of someone’s mouth!….it made me think about how we sometimes hold off on some of the things that we SHOULD say….and at times express things that might not be productive or constructive.   ( more on this ponderment later!)  all in all, it was grand fun, and a great day….they had a drawing for $1000 of free groceries, which brought a huge crowd, we got to eat delicious, kale stuffed breads from the naga bakehouse, and my sister came and sold  some of her Obama ’till 2017 t shirts too!  the next market will be  on Sunday august 23rd…come and say hello, if you are in the area…..

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  1. I love the earthy feel of your beautiful booth, looks like it was a very nice day too:) Gosh, our own Farmers Market is under scrutiny, and I feel that it is neccessary that it be under compliance, thank goodness jewelry isn't consumable or I would have a few issues with the inspectors: check this out…

    So, I removed much of any reference to the jams we were going to have for sale, I'll just enjoy them myself… and I pretty much just kept the pertinent info. on the blog about the venue…

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