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My friend Ivy, of Edera Jewelry, belongs to this group, out of Australia, that posts photos of their ‘creative spaces’ or what they are working on every thursday. This is the first time I am playing!  I thought I might provide a snapshot of where I spend most of my time in my studio…

After sitting uncomfortably at a “real” jewelers bench for years ( they are all the same height…about 36″ off the ground…built for a tall MAN!)…my friend Peter built me the bench of my dreams…nothing fancy, but it is the right height for my 5′ 1″ self….
Jewlers have lots and lots of tools…..( if I have to admit, I do have something of a little addiction…always gotta check out the ‘new stuff’ when the catalogs come). This bench is mostly where my small things live, like tiny files and carving tools…but I have BIG stuff on the other side of the room, like a bench grinder and lots of hammers, and a welding torch!….
People are often surprised when they see jewelry workshops, as they can be sort of messy….at very least, the sheer amount of tools we have seems to surprise!….I don’t know if they expect something a bit more ‘chic’  or cool to hang out in?…. I know there are jewelers out there who are a bit more organized and systematic than me…but I tell you, this setup is  of a reflection of how my mind works…
And  YES, I know where everything is! I will post more about works in progress next time I play, and if you have the time to search my archives here, there  are some posts about my process and some of the pieces already completed..
I have to admit, I am often a bit befuddled when folks ask to ‘see my studio’…I forget that how I do what I do, my process, is interesting to someone who is curious…when you do it a lot the ‘making’ part just feels so ingrained, like your native language, so its fun sometimes to look at it with new eyes…thanks for visiting! Namaste
ps…if you can see the bottle of purple nail polish on the bench…a visitor asked what I DO with that…and I had to tell them I have this weird habit of always doing my toes while I am working! You can slap it on, and I know I will be sitting very still while I am carving for an hour..sort of my own way of multitasking…she thought there was some mysterious multi purpose use in jewelry making and was a little disappointed…pretty funny!

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  1. Purple… hummm-yumm, you know thats a color chosen by those who exemplify wisdom and enjoy deep contemplation… very good choice my dear:)

    Your space is very intriguing, I like that its full of color and the bench is absolutely something I would pick for myself too, the guys in the shop could build a proper one for me since I'm only about 5'2" myself, short people are so darned cute…. I just pinched your cheek:)))

    and so I am going back for a closer look, take care and thanks for sharing Kerin…

  2. Fun!–I always love peeking at other artist's spaces 🙂 Yours looks very colorful and bursting full of little creative projects–including toe nail painting, I see! 😀
    Be sure to put a little link to this post on Kirsty's blog so the other creative spacers can see:

    Got your note–off to write you back!

    ps–thanks for your sweet note on my blog re: Etsyversary, Kerin 🙂

  3. oh, i love your bench and work space and all your tools! how cool you got one that is just your size. and, i do get how every little thing is important and how things can look "crazy" but that is part of the process. for me, it is all a constant process of getting everything out and then cleaning things up somewhat and starting all over again.

    my studio has a big printing press in the middle of it for my monotypes, wire shelves full of boxes for fabric,ribbon and yarn for my art dolls, a big bureau for all my photography gear, fancy papers and other paper things like glass glitter and glues. then there are more tables for painting and cutting mats. i also have a whole area for my beads and jewelry making. i also have crazy wrap around shelves for all my books of things that inspire me or "how to" kind of books. honestly, it is a crazy site! i really don't know how else to do this-oh and i have a whole chest of drawers for all my clay, wire and doll making materials.

    one last thing i also have is a bottle of dark blue shimmery nail polish-hee! people ask what that is for as well. it is for when i smash my finger nails and they bruise. they turn dark blue and then everyone is always asking "what happened?" so i paint the rest of my nails dark blue-no big mystery, but now i want to make up something exciting!
    take care,

  4. Michaela, you are so right on about the purple!…and I have loved it best since I was about Eli's age…always asking for "purple presents"! My friend Emily ( who is tall) says short folks are like chihuahuas!..I like your take better!…and as for the bench, I have some building plans for one someone gave me, and I can send you a better sketch of this one ( there are open shelves and things you cant see in the photo…

    Ivy- I did remember the link…thanks mucho!…the only thing I think I would like better is some natural light…this space is in my basement!…fine in the doldrums of winter, but not today! 🙂

    Merle- I would love to come over and play!…sounds like your creativity bursts out in so many mediums!

    ox Kerin

  5. When I was a little girl, my granny did silversmithing. I so wish I could take my adult self back in time to her studio and see her at work. I'll have to check out your work instead!

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