the shawl pin in process…

Here is a little ‘sneak peek’ at the shawl pin for the Northeast FIber Arts contest in process….the wax model from my earlier post has been cast into eco friendly sterling silver 

(all reclaimed). The next steps are the finishing process. This is where I get to grinding, filing and chasing and of course polishing to perfection, to get this piece exactly to where I would like it to be in its finished state, just without the patina. I really enjoy this part of making, as the piece really begins to come to life and ‘speak’ to me as I am working……

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  1. That's so pretty, Kerin! I saw the post were you were modelling it from wax–neat to see it all cast in silver 🙂

  2. This is GORGEOUS! I love the design, and as always, can see how meticulous you are in your craftmanship. xoxo!

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