what is hanging on your mirror?

though it is technically illegal, folks seem to have been hanging stuff off their rear view mirrors ever since cars started having em…certain items seem to be ubiquitous…back in the day, fuzzy dice meant you were wild, a gambler, or a playboy. Big city cabbies seem to have a thing for those stinky pine scented ‘trees’ made of cardboard. A lot of folks hang the flags of their countries of origin ( even if that was 3 generations ago!).  Dreamcatchers with day glo feathers are popular around tourist areas in the west.And many of us use it as the perfect hanging hook for a collection of talismanic items….a friend commented he thought it might be a way to make our mass produced look-alike cars more ‘personalized’….

 currently hanging from my rear view mirror:
-dios de los muertos pendant in garish colors
-key chain with artwork from a former student
-medicine bundle and 4 directions shield from adopted Laguna grandmother
-feathers: cardinal, blue jay, pidgeon, seagull,crow
-expired dog licenses of Lolita’s
a little mini self portrait if you will, perfectly designed by serendipity, as all included with intention…consicous or unconsiously….
-something to remind me where I came here from
– something to keep me safe on the journey
-something to remind me I am an original
-symbols of  flight, ascension, spiritual evolution and connection to a higher plane
-something to remind me I am loved
sometimes we collect talismans without even realizing it!
what’s on your mirror?
please share! namaste….

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  1. years ago I draped way too many mardi gras beads on the mirror and the mirror fell off because of the weight. So never again for me.

  2. I love this post! Since I live in the city I don't have a car, but I made a talisman to hang in my mother's car. It consists of a wooden angel, an owl, a gold beaded tassel, many ribbins and a rough ruby ring. There used to be a statue of St. Barbara,but her head fell off– we decided this was a very bad omen and didn't glue her back together.

  3. I have a little silversmith pouch with carnelian {protection} stones, it holds sage, and rose quartz, and a few garnets I've panned out of our creek in the hills, I think there might even be a feather? Got to go look…

    BTW: this is touching and I think de los muertos really captured my breath… one of my closest friends Eliza has an affinity for the art and a vibrant tattoo on her upper arm to boot… just loves' it lady! Common fire and earth spirited friends do find each other even through the passages of time and distances of days…

  4. Kerin–the wonderful items hanging from your rierview mirror seem very "you"! I like the symbolism behind each one…

    I didn't realize that it was technically illegal though!

    Hope you're doing well 🙂

    (ps, my Mom just told me you took a master class with Martha Graham?! How neat is that! )

  5. Nat!.. I know, they are just glued on!

    Megan…soo funnny ( and sad!) about St. Barbara

    Michaela…Muertos is a big deal to me! Yah!…tell Eliza there is an artist that does amazing Muertos art
    http://www.thaneeya.com she should check it out! ( she gave me the crazy pendant, but I got a b&w print from her of a skull that is out of this world )

    Ivy….I cant seem to "follow" your mom's blog…google wont let me sign up…a setting thing?..yes, tis true…hard to believe but yes, I used to dance ( modern)!…

  6. Up until a few days ago, nothing was hanging from my car's rear view mirror. Now there is a sage stick and a rosemary and thyme bundle, that I made, hanging there. There herbs are from my garden and are there so I always carry a piece of my home with me. My partner has the same thing hanging from her's now.

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