worry stone necklace contest give-o-way!….

here we go!….to celebrate my having 500 hearts on etsy, I am giving away this one of a kind worry stone pendant….hand carved from beeswax, and hand cast in  eco friendly re claimed sterling silver it swings from 45 inches of chocolate leather cording, and is adjustable to any length you prefer.. worry stones date back to the times of Ancient Greece where it was believed that rubbing such a stone between the your thumb and index finger could calm the spirit…perhaps it is the feeling of groundedness having something to hold on to, or the feeling of the cool smooth sterling silver, but either way, this one could be yours, to have and to hold, on a cord so it will always be with you!… it will embellish your spirit at the same time!… just my way of spreading the love, and comfort!….
just leave a comment,  letting me know you were here, to be entered in the drawing….
we will post the winner here, next week end, and you can e mail me with your snail mail addy to claim your prize….

Lolita will do the honors next Saturday,  by noon!

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  1. Kerin, the necklace is pretty, and that it's imbued w/such symbolic, historical meaning makes it that much more attractive.

  2. I'm expecting a baby in September and would love this 'worry stone' (or rather, calming stone)for laboring!


  3. Your work is so beautiful. What a lovely gift for you to give away to one of your followers. Thank you!

  4. Congratulations Kerin on 500 hearts…it's a testament to how much joy your art brings people! Thanks for sharing…Jen

  5. Kerin,
    Your work is always so balanced – old and new; male and female. This helps to bring peace and make room for passion. Thank you for putting this lovely energy into the world.

  6. Kerin,
    Your work is so balance – old and young – male and female. We are fortunate that you bring works to us that bring forth both peace and passion.

  7. Kerin…as always, I adore your work. And this worry stone is no exception. Beautiful. I wish I could wear 10 pieces of yours every day!

    Congratulations on the 500 hearts.

    xxooTam Smith, Richmond, VT

  8. ahhhhh! this is so much fun, it feels like a party!…
    thanks ever so much for stopping by to play with me!….

    ox K

  9. Love it! If it finds its way to my home, i have just the perfect friend in need of it's healing and support!


  10. leaving another comment – I left one on the other post, but I think I was supposed to post it here to get in on the contest? PLEASE include me…I love the necklace ~ Kathleen – thanks!!!

  11. wow, i cant believe how many of you have chimed in here!…we shall have to do this more often!….and thanks ever so much for all this lovely cheer and support!…

    love and light

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