blog award!…..

    I woke up this morning to find a  little gift!….I have been given a blog award by  a lovely ( and anonymous…sorry, I could not find your name anywhere!) bead artist living in Brooklyn, NYC!

Beadedzen, we are most certainly sympatico, in terms of our world view, and I am more than delighted to have received this!….so, deepest thanks!… 
    I believe that you are supposed to list 5 things you love…I am going to save that one for later; and pass this award  on to 10 folks so, drumroll, please……
happy exploring!..and thanks much, Beaded Zen!

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  1. How pulchritudinous!!!!

    I have always thought this space was deserving of plenty awards!

    Among them: most becoming personality, definitely the most relaxing space to visit on line for journals,

    and thank you for passing such an esteemed award to us too!

    Love and Light to you dear lady!
    BTW: thats a bewitchingly adorable character:)

  2. Congratulations, Kerin! J'adore tien blog, aussi 🙂 Thanks so much for passing on the award to me–I'll be sure to do a post once the dust settles after the wedding. Have a wonderful little vacation–talk to you soon!


  3. thank you kerin! i love your blog and your jewelry! so happy that i have been to have a glimpse into your work through ivy and your blog. thanks for the award. i will post it and pass it on. have a fabulous vacation. i hope you come back rested and inspired!
    take care,

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