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 The studio is a bit of a mess this week, and on top of it all I am struggling with how to display for a huge art event I am participating in in september, called the ART HOP.  What I love BEST about it is its egalitarian nature…yes, there is a juried portion, but  anyone can pay 25 bucks and show a few pieces!…..usually about 250 or so folks show a piece of art..  hobbyists to hard core professionals….it is displayed all along the Pine Street corridor ( sort of like our mini SOHO).  There is music, good food, appreciation for the creative spirit in the form of a GIANT block party on friday night! Been struggling with my display, as I will be showing a few pieces at evolution yoga…..their show emphasis will be about art and the body…. 

Got this thing for hands…wooden ones, cool carved marble ones,  human ones….!..
and quite the collection….though its looking like I may end up with basic black…

To see more creative spaces,  or to play yourself next thursday, check out:

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  1. Kerin, the hands look great! I think it's cool that you have a fascination with hands….I've heard that Bob Fossey hated his hands and that's why he did so much coreography with hands that were gloved, etc…

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