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    Inspiration.…my favorite flower in the universe, beautifully captured by multitalented friend Michaela Dawn…..

    And the shawl pin I created for my friend Jennifer’s fiber challenge contest…you can actually WIN one of these by entering via the website for Jen’s yarn shop: Northeast Fiber Arts. There are a bunch of  different creative challenges there ( I think 5) and different kinds of prizes…The contest is being run via the portal for  ‘KNITS’ magazine,  and I believe there is a way to enter the creative challenges on their newsletter links too…
If you are interested, you can check out my web archives to see this piece in process. There is a photo of it still in its wax form, and there are more shots of it in my shop so you can get a better sense of scale. I try hard to get a sense of movement,vibrancy and flow with my work. Translating a picture in my mind to a piece of jewelry,that still has to function in a certain way is the challenge….
It feels  good to have this done, and I am so happy with it!…to be honest, when Jen approached me about participating in her series of contests by offering one of the prizes, I was just going to send a pair of earrings her way….I didn’t think there would be a market for such a thing, but Jen kept telling me that knitters love them and think of them as “sweater jewelry”. That comment just stuck in my head for some reason.  I sat down at my bench one day at the beginning of summer to do something ELSE ( truly dear readers!) and this is what came out of my hands!…
Lesson: sometimes you just have to flow with the universe!
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Happy Thursday!

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  1. Kerin–this turned out lovely! I hearted it on Etsy too. Love the inspiration photo of Michaela's as well 🙂

    (ps–got rid of my silly comment from last night–didn't want to confuse people!)

  2. This is sure to please any avid knitter or yarn snob alike… because with these ladies only the best will do! Girl you better offer something similar in your shop after this goes. for I feel there will be some earth loving fiber toting yarn harlots knocking at your door for more!!! {I'm talking mainly about myself but I already know a few who concur;}

    BTW: This photo was destin for you, and the bee knew it too!

  3. Kerin, as always, beautiful work. Aesthetically pleasing and styalistically identifiable as YOUR work. Congratulations my dear. A triumph.

  4. I LOVE that sunflower brooch/fibula…GORGEOUS!! And the sunflower photo image is beautiful, too! Very beautiful work, ladies!

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