on why I will never be a photographer…..

I have a confession to make….I have been mourning the fact that I had beautiful, inspiring photos of Bread and Puppet to share.. and I can’t! The ones I posted were recovered from the trash of my memory stick. Despite the fact that I have been reminded many times to put photos into the folders on my computer, I have been running around with a whole cache of things  in my camera, that I figured I would just pull off shots as needed. ( I know this is dumb…I have this weird idea that all those photos would stuff up my computer or something!) Make a long story short, when I was picking through some photos, I accidentally deleted the entire ‘folder’ that was sitting on my camera!….

bah!… they could only retrieve the ones I had intended to trash…(the ones that I hadn’t, that were sort of  ‘hanging out’  on the camera’s memory stick are gone forever). I had no idea they could recover anything, so that is GRAND, but I  have lost the shots I wanted most. SIGH!… I shall just have to be zen about it and assume they are lost because there are better photos for me to take on the horizon…..

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  1. Ahh, dear dear, this is a bummer! I don't think I could have had such grace as you did with it all, and I too think that the horizon holds many more beautiful captures for you:}

  2. I lost a bunch of photos twice before due to the death of a computer. An external hard drive was the best investment I've ever made.

  3. well, thanks ever so much for the virtual hugs all of you!

    yes, the thrill and the pain of technology, and my simple avoidance of getting organized sometimes!..

    and yah Sarah…here is the funny part, I am real good about the external hard drive and back up weekly!…

    so the whole camera thing almost doesnt make sense….so, from now on, like Michaela told me, off the camera, into the computer, and then into the hard drive….whew! thats MY new years resolution ( very late! 🙂

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