a little piece of Vermont for you….

I shot this yesterday on my way home from Stowe. These little guys and gals spend the summer here on a farm not far from my house…..this is just a few, the entire herd has to be around 300! It’s just so funny because, it  looks like a plain old herd of horses, but something seems ‘off” and then you get close and realize they are mini! They are sweet as can be, and will come up to the fencing to say ‘hi’, but move on pretty quickly if you don’t have apples or something tasty for them….

 I am loving……..the sound of soft rain through an open window when I am lying in the dark……….the rustle of the leaves when I shuffle through them……..the smell of the chile I roasted on my neighbors’ grill, sent to me by dearest friends from New Mexico who refused to let me miss “the best crop in 15 years!”…….. digging out my favorite ‘old Dad’ sweater to wear……….eating my once-a-year greasy cider donut (seasonal, thank God!)……feeling of gratitude that winter is coming and I have a warm home to sleep in….and gratitude that I have a little ‘extra’ that I can send out into the world to someone who might not………

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  1. AhHHHhhh! My size horses!

    Oh, I'm pouting like a little girl

    "My PONy My PonY, I want My Pony!!!!"

    and you get to see these lovelies often, I bet they are so sweet… and it makes me wonder if the owner of these ever got their own when they were young and just had to hold out until they were old enough to get their own, a hundred of them:) They are very good people to take care of an animal that is so commonly sent to slaughter 🙁 … I just told Karl we NEED a mini horse because we need to save them!


  2. Miss Kerin:
    LOVE that snapshot! Lucky Vermont to have you to capture it so:)

    AND thanks for the treat you sent in the mail! RW was home when it arrived and we dipped it in hot tea and talked about peaceful things. In solidarity, always,


  3. thanks for stopping by Marie, Beth, Ivy, and Michaela….wish we could all eat some MORE greasy-cider-donuts together with some tea!

    Omigod,Michaela, I had not a clue about this abuse of these amazing animals!…I knew about it with wild horses, but did not know about the minis!…THANKS for sending this link!

    we shall just have to by an ENORMOUS farm and turn it into a mini sanctuary..mini donkeys, mini chickens, mini bunnies…the works! 🙂

  4. oh Jillian and Jaqueline, thanks for stopping by here too! ( sorry I saw these later!)….why thank you kindly for the 'props' on the photo, Jillian..means a lot, coming from you! yes, in solidarity, always..

    and Jaqueline, am hoping your day is equally merry!..


  5. Well, thank you Mike!..I try…
    and for the mini Coopers, it must be funny to see your tall self emerging from one to save the 4-leggeds from their aches and pains!

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