and on a very small note…

On a very, small note ( I am in love with these tiny bell peppers I grew to go with the mini ponies…just kidding!) my new webshop, is still being loaded. Its a bit slower-going than I had anticipated, so, if you are looking to purchase a jewel, there are many things available at my etsy and 1000 markets shops ( see links to your right). If you are looking for something in particular that you cannot find, just email me at kerinrosestudio(at) and I will be happy to connect you with whatever is your fancy! Good things are worth waiting for, n’est-ce pas?

P. S.  My thumb ring is by my friend in Athens, Georgia, the lovely Beth Cyr…you probably can’t see in this photo, but it has ‘make a wish’ dandelion fluff impressed into it for the texture!

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  1. Hi, Kerin:
    Your garden looks beautiful…everything looks perfect! Your new photo is very nice, too…there's something mischievous about it!!!
    Stella xxx

  2. Wowsa, I just visited Beth's shop and fell in love with the tiny dandelion stamping on some of her items, I was looking for the ring yet in my viewing I favorited tons of things… anyhow, I'm blown away like theses little seeds are blown away in the wind… Funny too, is that I was going to use a dandelion seed for my insignia but decided upon a swirl that was more reminisce of my fathers insignia…

    Sheesh, another fine crafts woman, and I really am inspired by the fact you too support other artists in the same medium by purchasing and wearing what you connect too in their designs, I think THATS the best flattery indeed!

  3. oh, Beth, they ARE yummie, arent they?!….I loved putting them in my salads…so cute!
    and Stella, I will tell you what is mischievous, about my photo…i cropped out my annoying garden-neighbor Bill, who always has to tell me what I am doing wrong! (ha- ha!)…I keep telling him I came from the desert, and I am just learning….but he wont leave it!…

    Michaela!..I am so glad you floated over to Beth's know, she is as LOVELY as her work, and has been such a great help, and friend to me in terms of learning to navigate the 'online world'…and she is a yogini!…abundance,girl!….we ALL have something unique to contribute…and I LOVE wearing other people's work, combined with mine…it helps me to connect to their energy, and love…I plan on snatching a piece of yours, when the piece "meant for me" appears in your shop! ( wink!)

    and Jaqueline, thanks ever so much for visiting, too! hope you ALL had a lovely week end!…( I was busy at a little show, and DRIVING, DRIVING to learn how to lad my new site which is slower going than I thought it would be, but I am excited, and cant wait to unveil it…but the leaves are peaking, so it was a magical trip…like wonderland!

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