you can’t see it, but at the edge of the green grass, the earth slopes down to meet a lazy river…..
(this sculpture is called “Door to Nowhere” and is by Eben Chaney….though I think its a door to somewhere magical, for sure……)

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  1. Sharing is all good and well, but never mind that…


    Your profile photo is Demi-Moore-Dang-Sexy!!!!


  2. good afternoon amigas, and thanks so much for the visit…

    Michaela, now you get to be my BFF cause all I have ever gotten is "Liza Minelli" !…I LOVE Demi ( tho' I dont think I really look like her when you get the 'full effect'!)

    yeah Tez, we did walk there, in Stowe!

    and Nancy, warmest welcome!…I thought the very same thing when I saw it too…isn't it lovely?

    ox K

  3. Liza is perfectly sweet too, but you darling, have eyes that are tempting and mysterious… and Liza, well, she has big brown eyes that could make any man give in to her "plea", and Demi (she doesn't bag), she has eyes that could make a man burn and say he will say please… uh uh {my french version} Wink Wink

    and so, both are perfect:)

  4. Miz Kerin, now that I look at your profile picture more closely, I think you resemble the mysteriously sexy Joan Jett circa 1992. It is a very nice photo.

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