what the world looks like today…….

“and I stepped in…..to a ring of fire……..”

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  1. I'll be taking you to tea next week at Bully Blends….

    There I will let you choose from a whole wall of herbal brew and we shall enjoy the Saturday drive by view!

    Heres a peek if you care,
    Because we are going inside
    to sit, sip, and stare…
    at the lovely people and decor of SD
    …all bushy tailed and bright eyed.


    Plus, its a fine time for me to chat the morning away with you over the phone:)))

    The kids are off to church with their dad and I am sipping coffee reading over my favorite flight pattern.

    Talk to you soon sista'

  2. Tez, only on the waaaay top of the mountains…looks pretty, but its COLD at night!

    Nancy, yes, the color is pretty surreal..do you ever wander up from NYC to see it?

    Kayla! we keep missing!…I sent you and e mail, will send another…I am ( strangely ) into yerba mate this month…has a funny smoky taste…dont know what thats about..do they have it there?

    Mariette!…thanks for saying "hello" for the first time!…

    and of course, dear Jaqueline…hoping your week is super merry as well!..

    ox k

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