for you……

  On horizon far,
          lies a mountain full of grace
        sing to me softly.
( sculpture by Jim Sardonis, haiku, by me )

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  1. I know, this is my most favorite sculpture in the state of Vermont!…and yeah, Beth, I am lucky, it is right near me…I walk my dogs past it on a regular basis…it can also be seen on the other side, as you drive north on the highway…so cool, b/c you are driving along and all of a sudden, there are these whales! They are really huge, about 8 or 9 ft tall..

    There is something about the sight of them that is incredibly whimsical, yet peaceful and powerful, all at the same time….

    I am so happy to share this with you all…..

    ox K

  2. yes, Jilly, it is! sort of like the calm quiet cousin of the wild, wild west!…for myself, I am still missing my tumbleweeds, but for now, this will do…if you and your RW ever swing this way, we shall go see it!

  3. Love that sculpture. I remember it from my 2 summers in VT. They must look so cool when the ground is covered in snow.

  4. Alicia!…I didnt know you lived here a bit!…tell me more…..I will take a snow shot for you ( soon!)..and Nancy, deepest, thanks…you have to be in their presence…amazing!


    Kayla!…I will, a kindred spirit?!…

    (I think we all are)


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