in love and gratitude……

Just a note to let you all know, that everything in my shop has free shipping as always, in the event that you might be in the market for a gift! From now until the end of December, I will be including a free jewelry care cloth with every purchase AND just to add even more excitement into the mix, I will be entering everyone who makes a purchase into a drawing to win one of 7 ( yes, lucky number 7!) hand printed “kerin rose” organic cotton tee shirts!  They have been hand dyed a lovely dusky mulberry colour, have my hummingbird logo printed on the hip, and the words “embellished soul” on the back!….

It is going to be so much fun to give these away!…

Stay tuned for some 24 hour mini-sales coming up too…..
( some items are in my “regular”website, and if you don’t see what you are looking for, it might be in the etsy shop…my offer goes for purchases at both!)
Hoping all of you had a lovely and relaxing holiday…


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  1. …hmmm…& so…if i make 7 lucky purchases…perhaps i'll have 7 lucky chances…to WIN…a t~shirt… hmmm…i'm feeling…lucky…today…

  2. Oh, Nancy, it seems like you most definitely have the luck o' the Irish, with all the 'plumage' you have nabbed!….:)

    hope you had a lovely turkey day!

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