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This week my creative space, if I have to define it in one word, is ‘chaotic’…it’s just one of those times ( and don’t we all have them?) that I cannot seem to keep my hands on anything…tools are flying, ending up in weird places ( jewelry saw in the laundry anyone?) ….I have been getting ready for a very small open house, and between that and preparing for thanksgiving, and regular holiday orders, it has been a little crazy around here. When I go to shows, I occasionally offer a few of my pendants on leather cording….here is this weeks’ selection, newly strung, just waiting around to be packed up for transport….I always feel a bit calmer, as the tray begins to fill up…..

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  1. This photograph of your work is rich and welcoming!

    I'm sure your home is just the same although you are too modest to admit that, now as to why the tools went flying I can only guess that yetty showed up again, I told you they like bright colors and since you have been enjoying chocolate, their other downfall which will draw them out of the woods, you have tempted them to scare you whilst you work;P

    Love you lady, and best of luck with all the engagements!

    btw: Post "her" swap

  2. Chaotic sounds about right! I need to get my head together sometimes though, and it usually involves a bug clean up and sorting of priorities!

    Have a great week!

  3. I seem to be experiencing a week of the same. Everything abuzz and busy, and then the off kilter thing going along with it.

    The jewelry looks lovely.

  4. I totally get the craft tools in the laundry. I opened the washing machine to check what was clunking the other day and it was my crochet hook.

  5. You know, I've always liked your work on leather cording, but I must say that my andinkra shield is worn in the best possible way, on the silver chain. Did you know I never take it off and that even the minute I put it on, it felt like a part of me?

  6. Chaotic is a good way to describe those times. I feel like most creative times are chaotic for me, what with two small people trying to "help." It's amazing how the supplies seem to spread all over the room with their assistance. 😉

  7. The day my space is not chaotic, fly by the seat of my pants, crazy, is the day I shout everyone drinks! Lovely pendants you have there…

  8. I understand chaos, In fact I think i speak chaos. And out of the chaos comes creation! yours are looking fabulous. Peta

  9. oh me , oh my, look at all this company!….thank you EVERYONE for stopping by yesterday…wow!…yeah, I DO think the yetty got into the house, looking for chocolate!…it couldn't POSSIBLY be me being so absent minded, for sure ! :)…

    deepest gratitude for the goodwill show wishes!….its just a little casual thing, but it is always fun to get out a bit with the jewels!

    thanks so much for coming to visit!
    ox k

  10. Kerin, We should name Miss. Yetty, do you have any ideas? I like to call her something colorful and furry like Peach, or Pollen… maybe Moss,

    ya Miss Moss!

    She's been quite a fixture at your home and grounds…
    I think she knows a good spirit when she spots them:)

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