Let me preface this post to say that I was not a child that grew up with ‘technology’….I was pulled, kicking and screaming ( well, not quite, but I was quietly unwilling) to the internet. My sister used to drag me to the mall, just to try and see if she could get me ‘online’…and I refused. A refusnik. I didnt know how to type, and was not interested in something I thought was for engineering geeks like my friend M. Yet, I am a lifelong reader, an information junkie, a person who loves to write, a completely visual soul….
Fast forward a few years later, I found myself making jewelry again,after something of a hiatus…the world had changed. Dramatically. For artists, the gallery system was/is in a bit of a revolution. No longer was it necessary to knock on doors, requesting entry…I could represent MYSELF…like I said, a revolution. To join though, one needed a website. To promote one’s website, one needs ancillary tools. A blog. Flickr. Facebook. Twitter.
There are still frontiers where I cannot go. I draw the line. Things that reduce communication to a quip still cannot easily capture my interest or attention….and yet, this tool, this online world has brought a gallery of riches I could not even begin to envision. Had I known what was waiting out here for me, I never would have delayed…would’ve jumped right in, right on….
What I have learned is that beneath the surface of anything there is always something more…perhaps it is exactly what you expected to find, only amplified…perhaps it is a complete surprise…
What I have discovered is that there is a distillation that happens here…almost as if by stripping away the indicators….age, geography, income, health, spirtual inclination…the corporeal and concrete ‘stuff’
We can, if we are open to it, and honest with ourselves, connect here, and
experience a meeting of the heart and mind,
existing in this space,and perhaps beyond it,
resonating in ways that might not have ever been dreamt up by the universe even 10 years ago…
but then again, perhaps it has…my friend C., who is Laguna Pueblo, said that her people believe that one day we will all be one tribe. They are pretty progressive people…they believe that the internet has created this. And the prophecy was made…hundreds of years ago…
One heart connection has been made with Michelle, of The Pas, Manitoba
Silver artistry, spiritual readings,gemstone lore, philosopher, mother, wife, friend and more..
A beautiful tourmaline, wrapped specially for me!…( and the thumb ring  looks famliar too! 🙂
a gift….in so many more ways than meets the eye……
thank you Michelle,
and thank you all, for sharing yourselves with me

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  1. I'm a bit of a luddite, like yourself. And in the end, I too am grateful for this thing called the internet. Not only has it allowed me to earn a livelihood while being a stay-at-home-mom, but I have made heartfelt connections with people that I otherwise would have never met. I liked this post, Kerin. You said what I've been feeling.

  2. What a beautiful message. I too have been dragged kicking and screaming into the technological age. And am many steps behind you and the secrets you have mastered of life inside and beyond the "magic screen", as I call it. I shall continue to keep my chin up and shout "I am here". And hope that voices hear and connect . Thank you for your though provoking messages and knowledge that you share with us via the " magic screen".
    regards, Kelly

  3. I am glad to have found your writings and your creativity. It must have been wonderful to have found all you have in this medium. I feel it to be both a blessing and a curse, (but) I have learned so much, through spirits like you, about me…Funny how we can learn our innermost longings from a blog!
    Thank you and namaste
    love the pieces…

  4. Thank you for getting "online"!!!
    Your post is beautiful, thank you so much for sharing a part of your self with us.


  5. thank you all for understanding!…please know, that I don't take a moment of the time you all take to communicate with me for granted…

    I appreciate this 'microcosm'we have created and are creating more than you will ever know!…

    and visiting all of Your 'neighborhoods' is such a joy for me too!

  6. …i LOVE this post…this was my conversation/debate with (non~blogging/non~internet) friends not too long ago…it's an UNusual & at times UNreal connection… like no other…mysterious…magical… based on…the power…in a written word…in the mood of a photograph…in the color of an experience…in the beauty of an artist…in the spirit of both you…and me…him & her…it is a common & sometimes uncommon thread…of energy…flowing…that can connect us… freely… openly…emotionally…purely…& taken loosely from a Chiricahua Apache belief: power speaks to those who listen.

    ~i am blessed to have found that connecting thread…spirit…energy & power…of you…it is meant to be~

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