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Here is are two little insights…one, the fact, that jewelry making as an art form is strange ( I  suppose I shall speak for myself here!)… from a sea of tools, and metal, rises, well, impeccable shining beauty…laboured over  with loving hands and a watchful eye…the making of the stuff is so very interesting, but not really ‘glamourous’ at all…tools, dust, scrap metal, polishing machines …..more about that at another time…

Two,  I offer you a little insight into my strange mind, and how it works, for any of you who might, from the impression you get from this blog, might think I am singularly a talisman-making-woo-woo-queen! 🙂  My creative space post this week is a shot of my soldering bench…why?….well, I shuffled to the studio this morning in my pj’s …was getting ready to fire up the torch for some serious constructin’…I looked up before hitting the switch, and all of a sudden got this thought that my set of third hands ( yeah, we jewellers are octopus!)  looked to me like a bunch of hungry baby birds, about to get sucked up by the mothership!… or fed by the big air vent in the sky!…..scrunch your eyes….I know you can see it!….I know you can!

I laughed out loud!…
( maybe I have been sitting alone there a wee bit too much these days…I dunno? or maybe I am just tired, but I am glad I can amuse myself!)

for more creative space postings, you can follow the meme links on Kirsty’s blog!.…thanks for dropping by, and I promise something pretty next time!


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  1. Yes…I saw the birds after you pointed them out. And I have similar type of humorous moments with random things…to the complete confusion of those in the near vicinity. I'm glad to know someone else has an off-beat sense of humor, too!

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