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Just a little bit has been going on in my creative space this week….as some of you may ( or may not) know, the price of precious metals has been skyrocketing as of late. I specialize in using ONLY recycled metals in my work, but a friend who does some casting suggested trying out a new alloy of bronze that he said looked like “14 Karat”…so I did!…here is my mandala ring, cast in bronze with a sterling shank. What is really interesting to me is how the same carving looks so DIFFERENT in a different color metal! To be honest, I do not think this is something I see myself working with in the future, as it is not recycled ; recreating the alloy myself would be way beyond my capacities, and really, I have to stay true to my heart and my mission of only working with recycled metals and conflict free stones. Nevertheless, this was a fun adventure!…let me know what you think!
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  1. I think it looks great but I think it is wonderful that you want to stay true to yourself and your mission. That in itself is very admirable and brings a lovely dimension to your work.

  2. It looks extremely Aztec and ancient… it's beautiful to my sight and I would imagine it's a charm to touch…

    yet, non, I really do think it's exquisite and obviously a one of a kind if you are going to remain true to your heart and not recreate it, YET it was also birthed of your inspiration, so it makes it that much more unique and special… so even if you do decide it should become part of your collection, I believe it's part of your process, journey maybe to offer it…

    Possibly there is somone out there who has been wishing for this, and you are the only oneable to fabricate their dream…

    Its perfect!


  3. It looks fabulous but you've really got me thinking about how easy it is to make something look like gold when it isn't. I like your ethics on recycled materials 🙂 K

  4. I also think that it looks great but certainly different from the all silver. As a chemist I am fairly accepting of most metals and like metal combinations, for special effects. I do stay away from non-precious metals next to my ears.

    I think it is great that you only use recycled metals and I was not aware that brass is not recycled.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great evening.


  5. It looks lovely, but I probably prefer the silver one – and knowing that it was made from recycled metal. Good to experiment though – you never know where it will lead! Nic

  6. thank you to all for the visit and the input!…yah,it was fun to play…

    I wonder why we seem to gravitate to one metal or the other?…I feel a blog post coming on!….

    lovely day, everyone
    ox K

  7. Nice work Kerin. I like the way you are experimenting with some new ideas and materials. Must be good for your creative berometer.

  8. …the visual difference between the two is fascinating…your mandala ring is lovely to look at in either color…either metal…like looking at fraternal twins…special, unique, beautiful…

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