my heart…….

I am so sorry to any of you that rest here for some respite or connections to me, 
and my art, and 
my little life here in Vermont…
but my heart is still feeling so very heavy every time I think of the people of Haiti…..I feel 
like I 
can hardly put one foot in front of the other… this is the best I can do right now……
last night I 
watched the telethon that was put together by George Clooney….the photographs 
and reporting clips 
were heart wrenching to watch…in many ways, I wanted to look away…it was 
unbearable..and yet, still shining through it all, was our kind….making music….such beauty…
THIS meshing of voices sounds like the work of angels to me…

When I was younger and studying theater, one of my professors told us that in 
musicals, characters break into song, when emotions are so strong that mere 
words will not
The great Martha Graham once said that dance was an offering to God….I am 
here, but when I hear voices lifted up in song like this…my heart just soars….
look what we 

I cannot sing… my singing ranks around the same place as my knitting abilities!.. but again, I find myself 
walking in circles in my studio…
repeating… like a mantra..what can I do? what can I do?…
lets do something TOGETHER….
Anyone who would like one of my “embellished soul” t-shirts….purchase for 10 
dollars in my 
shop…I will match that and send 20 dollars on both of our behalf to 
Hope for Haiti, and you get 
the shirt!… does that sound?….I know its just a little carrot….and you 
might be saying, “why 
dont I just send them ten dollars?”…but I see it this way…. its a way we can 
celebrate our 
connection,too..celebrate being alive…from my hands to your heart….
I know this is not entertaining, but it’s where I am at….
if t-shirts are not your thing, why simply give a listen to this song…the voices are so beautiful…I sing with you in my heart….

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  1. "The thought manifests as the word;
    The word manifests as the deed;
    The deed develops into habit;
    And habit hardens into character;
    So watch the thought and its ways with care,
    And let it spring from love
    Born out of concern for all beings…

    As the shadow follows the body,
    as we think, so we become."

    -From The Dhammapada {Saying Of The Buddha)-

  2. thank you all for understanding….
    and sharing yourselves…
    and support…
    and friendship…
    and your visits!…
    I feel lighter already, in such good company!



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