Prayers and help for the people of Haiti….

My heart  is profoundly heavy for the people of Haiti. These are fellow humans who have already been living in one of the poorest countries on our globe…at very least, we can all send prayers of healing….and remember, in times like this, even 5 dollars can help….

And please, if you  give, be careful…sadly, there have already been reports of scam artists taking advantage of those of us who want to help…
I wanted to share these links with you… and feel open to share your thoughts, emotions, prayers and healing over what has happened. Remember, there is  great power in our collective consciousness…..

Press release from President Obama.
Earthquake Haiti Facebook, where people are posting photos of missing loved ones.
American Red Cross for donations
Doctors without Borders, they are already operating there without hospitals
Oxfam: make a donation to the emergency response in Haiti.
CNN iReport on Haiti…looking for loved ones.
CNN/Impact (updated & donation info)
Daily Kos: Helping the Victims of the Haiti Earthquake
World Vision: make a donation for Haiti earthquake relief.
The Huffington Post: How You Can Help.
USA Today: Kindness blog ~ how you can help.
Donate thru Unicef
You can donate to the Red Cross relief fund in Haiti by texting “HAITI” to “90999.”

For updates:
CNN/Haiti tweets

Wyclef Jean for Haiti/tweets
deepest gratitude to Denise Lynette Andrade for collecting many of these resources
please, pass this information on
om shanti, shanti, shanti

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  1. In place struggling to build this is even more devastating. There are many of Canadians in Haiti helping to create a better future for Haitians. My prayers go out to all those affected by this disaster. I am looking into sending money to a fellow Canadian who runs orphanages in Haiti, but I have yet to figure out his name etc. I heard of him on and off over the last few years…
    Thank you for the links…

  2. Hi Kerin,
    This may be too long to post with the pasted material but just in case you were interested…
    I think this is him…

    "Jerry Epp, president of God's Littlest Angels Canada, says all 160 children in his agency's care are OK.

    The orphanage is about 45 minutes from the capital of Port-au-Prince, where much of the damage is centred.

    Epp says the immediate concern is finding ways to truck in diapers, formula and clean water along roads that have been completely destroyed."

    They expect many more orphans in the coming days…

  3. Kerin, this has been valuable and so helpful, now I know I can do more than just send off a prayer. It's frustrating thinking I can only say "gosh, thank goodness it's not us, and "oh my, how on earth can I help"… I look at my children and family and think it could be taken away in a flash… thanks for your compassion and proactive post, love to you always.


  4. oh it really wasnt much…Denise put half of this stuff togther on her blog, and I added a few to the list….she is an amazing spirit….

    but I will pass the appreciation on to her for sure….thank you all for visiting me here and cosnidering…I just think it is so important for those of us that might have a 'platform' ( even a tiny one like mine!) to use it for the greater good….

    Kayla, thank you so much for the props!….I shall play and pass on the kudos in a few days….:)!

    ox to you all

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