January thaw…smells like spring

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  1. Ahhh, repose indeed! And yes, January thaw reminds the earth to wake up out of her winter hibernation! Thank you for the pictures! : )

  2. How sweet of you to stop by! My lions would love to chase turkeys, these fellows are not indoorsy at all, which makes it very difficult. I will check on the San Francisco parrot man. I have heard that the Pasadena parrots were accidentally let loose, a few only, and now there are thousands of them. It is quite a scene, and the sound can sometimes be amazingly pleasing. See you soon I am certain : )

  3. Thanks for stopping by…and I appreciate the vote! The snow makes me want to nest indoors…but I do like how it looks.
    Stay warm!
    Stella xxx

  4. …mon sweet…YOU can shoobie~doobie~doobie~doo @ my place ANYTIME…ALL THE TIME…cuz you shoobie~doobie~doo the best…xOxO

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