It was my intention, to-day to find some lovely landscape to share with you……nature being what she is, THIS it what it looks like outside my window….been snowing since Friday night…and it is not supposed to end till early tomorrow morning…..hard to tell by these photos, but I waded out into at least 30 inches to snap these from my yard… wanderlust satisfaction for me…I think I am stuck in the homestead for to-day….but I finshed the fingerless gloves I have been knitting ( it went well, not too many 4 letter words!:)
this is just a note to let you know that I  hope the angels brought holiday dreams to fruition for you all….
 and thank you for dreaming along with me…….
 Happy New Year and Welcome 2010!


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  1. Hi Kerin Rose,
    Happy New Year.
    Oh. Snow. We had some. However it has succumbed to the constant pecking of rain. 🙁
    Lovely photo.

  2. Hi Kerin,
    These photos look very, very similar to the scene outside my window right now (although I haven't ventured out to snap any pictures!) Non-stop for the past 2 days, and probably about a foot and a half of accumulation…just the weather for knitting gloves {post pics when they're done, I want to see!}

    Happy New Year!
    Your fellow grouchy knitter {what was the name of that Ravelry group we were going to form? 😉 }

    ps-thank you for the lovely card 🙂

  3. Oh Ivy, I think we were 'angry knitters club'?…..I like grounchy!…

    thank you for YOUR lovely card!

    and Andrea…happy New year to you too!….

    I liked your shot of St John's harbour!

  4. was thinking of you this morning when they specifically mentioned another 32" that some place in vermont go!! ouch. i guess it just being really cold here is better than snow up to waist… or chest…

  5. may I be a member of the cranky knitter's club on Ravelry?
    Four inches are forecasted for our area on Wednesday. Nothing like 32 inches. Not sure what is on the ground here as the drifts pile up and more arctic wind is expected on Thursday to blow round the several inches of powder. Am thankful for knitting. Or can a cranky knitter be thankful? spring will come for all of us to enjoy, oh this doesn't sound very cranky either. I shall go practice now being cranky.

  6. Happy New Year, Kerin! That is some beautiful snow there in your back yard. Peaceful to look at through a window, but not much fun to drive in, I'm sure. Stay warm, friend.

  7. Beth, Tez…it is CRAZY looking out there!…but beleive it or not, in true Vermonty style, the roads were completely clear this a.m.!

    Kelly!…yes, you must PRACTICE girl!…optimism doth not beget CRANKINESS!…of course you may join…but if we start having too much fun we might have to change our name! 🙂

    and Alice, and Nancy..happy happy New Year's to you tooo!…I have to be honest I owe the photos to picnik….I tell you, it simply heals all 'wounds'! …thanks so!….

    ….gonna go get cranky and finish my fingerless glove!

  8. Love the snow, love the cold that brings lovely ladies together:)

    BTW: comment to your comment….

    I would so be able to do both with you at an easy pace, but you know we would just end up laughing and always finding the more enduring parts of life rather than the downfalls! Just like in our phone conversations together:))) Silly you, silly me:P


  9. Oh, dear! Thank you for sharing the pix of snow…as a former northerner, this is how I like to look at snow…in pictures (not in person).

    I'm so glad you finished some fingerless gloves without too many bad words. 😉 I'm still in scarfland. I like "Grounchy Knitters"…I'm definitely one of 'em.

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