bija chakra pendants………..

 So, this week, after many months, they are FINALLY finished…. to be honest, I was dragging my heels on these…sometimes I make something, and well, I am simply ‘unsure’  of it…  it is my habit to just leave unfinished pieces laying around my workbench…somehow this habit is often what will lead me to an ‘ah ha’ moment…even if it takes a year ( yes, creativity can be a very pokey muse sometimes!)….for whatever reason, these pendants began whispering in my ear from the top of my bench!…maybe somehow, somewhere, they are needed by someone?…
so here we go…

Our prana is the energy system that exists both in and around our bodies. Chakras are points where many energy pathways in the body convene…intense junctures (or nadis), manifesting in funnel-like wheels that are understood to regulate our physical, emotional and spiritual qualities. In yogic philosophy, we are constructed not unlike an onion ( a la Shrek! 🙂 with layer upon layer of life force. The chakra system is governed by the seven major chakras that sit in alignment with our spines, though there are many, many minor ones too. This belief system goes way back to the beginnings of recorded time, but much of what we study about chakra healing originates from the Sanskrit. Each of the major chakras corresponds with a unique color, sound and vibration. Studying our chakras can teach us what we might need to improve the quality of our health, on all levels ( physical, emotional, spiritual). When the chakras are out of balance, our energies feel ‘off’…we feel in our hearts and bodies that we are not our best selves at the moment. Yoga invites healing through mindfulness and a curiosity about yourself, and exploration of ‘self’ relative to the universal truths. Here are the chakras, and their corresponding bija mantras ( in italics), colours, location and overall purpose…..

muladhara = root chakra = grounding = LAM = garnet = red
feeling of security and healthy body awareness

svadhistana = sacral chakra = nourishing = VAM =carnelian = orange
unblocked emotions and good connections to the 5 senses

manipura = solar plexus chakra = intention = RAM= citrine = yellow
strong sense of motivation and personal direction

anahata = heart chakra = harmony = YAM= peridot = green
feelings of love and connection to self and others

visuddha = throat chakra = expressive = HAM= apatite = blue
inner trust and reliance, easy expression of thoughts to others

ajna = third eye chakra = insight = AUM= iolite =indigo
sense of a strong intuition and mental alertness

sahasrara = crown chakra = wisdom = AH= amethyst = violet
general sensation of joy in life and connection to the universe

Working with your chakra energies can bring a sense of balance back to your life and your physical being. There is so much to learn about this kind o energy balancing and healing…my understanding is only the very tip of the iceberg…. for myself, I look at the chakra meanings metaphorically….and will choose to work with the energy of a particular chakra when the aspects that it stands for  feel unbalanced. Either way, I love these symbols…there is a grace to them, for sure!

….hand carved in beeswax, and created in recycled sterling, each one is hand engraved with a bija mantra on the back….built in sound exploration to align you with the vibration of the mantra shown on the pendant. They swing and sway from your neck, accompanied by a gemstone bead that corresponds with the chakra colour at the clasp.
perhaps one of them speaks to you?

this is what is in my creative space this week… see more, you can follow Kirsty’s meme at:
safe travels! 🙂

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  1. Good morning lovely kerin,

    I wish my half done projects would turn out so beautifully! I have not read much on yogic philosophy but certainly agree that we are all part of a universe deeply interconnected. I think most of those chakras speak to me. I feel I need even a few more. Have a great thursday!


  2. well ,MLJ, I perused YOUR creative space today, and your felines seem to be spouting theory far and above anything I could possibly muster off my jeweler's bench!

    ox K

  3. Dear k, I often feel inferior and inadequate next to these furry boys but I don't let them find out. They keep me humble! ; )

    xoxo m

  4. Wonderfully interesting post Kerin. I've always had a fascination with them, now more so.
    I love the photo.
    The pieces are beautiful.

  5. Andrea and Alice……thanks so much!…acutally my understanding is truly the tip of the proverbial iceberg!…oh, the photo was just a lucky break!…impromptu adorning of yoga teacher and making her pose!

    sfauthor….these are most definitely texts to be explored!

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