just a little bit of love….

Just a little something, finished this morning…..a little bit of love...and gratitude for companionship  on this life-journey….thank you all for taking the time to read and especially comment so thoughtfully and supportively on ‘my mission statement’…..
it inspired me to jump into the studio this morning and get these done….they make me think of summer for some reason…( maybe they should have been ankle bracelets, I don’t know?)…the sun is out,  and my heart feels a little shinier to-day!….
Here is wishing you a week end full to the brim of whatever it is you need….a good movie, a good book, good company…
tomorrow is Mardi Gras celebration downtown….stay tuned….sister and I are planning another yarnbombing! ( actually it is her yarnbomb, I am the lookout this time!)

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  1. I love this bracelet kerin, and if I word it on my ankle then I would be walking staring down all the time, so I would be wearing it as a lovely cheerful pulsera…(I just learned this palabra and trying to reinforce it by using it : ) ) I have no idea yarning is so I have to study that link…looks like fun! Have a great weekend!


  2. MLJ!!…you are funny!…no, would not want you tripping on the sidewalks while smelling your local jasmine!….he he!..

    check out the wikipedia for yarn bombing!

    ox K

  3. kerin,

    I am going to check wikipedia, and please do tell me to spell check before I post …I am so embarrassed, sound like I am illiterate! : )\\xox

  4. Love the bracelet. Oooo you know how much I love a conspiracy count me in on the yarn bombing! I can't wait to see a picture of it.

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