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I interrupt this blog to bring you news that one of my most favorite 2-D artists on etsy is having a giveaway of one of her paintings this week!….normally, I am not one to engage in too much in the way of giveaways…there is sooo much of it going on on the web, mostly, I think, as a way to attract readership, that, it is becoming IMHO a little overdone…yet some offer an opportunity that cannot be overlooked…
The lovely Kelly Clark aka the Umber Dove 
is offering one of her tiny paintings (believe me, she paints BIG too!) up to a lucky winner to be drawn
next Wednesday from a pool of folks, interested in leaving a comment on her blog.
To me, Kelly paints unseen worlds, with an Asian influence (wabi sabi anyone?) and a little O’Keefeian flair for good luck, creating an amalgam of fine brushstrokes that are uniquely her own.
Take a gander at her lovely work…I hope that it speaks to you as much as it does to me….
and be on the lookout for more introductions to other creative types I know…I am planning some artist interviews with some friends here and there that I think you might like to meet…I want to ponder about creativity with them and am hoping you might all enjoy dropping in on the conversations!

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  1. Gooody-goooody

    I cannot wait for the artist interviews, as I am sure your subjects will be wonderful artists in and of themselves, but more so, I cannot wait for people to get to know you a bit more like I am privileged to!

    A voice as sweet as candy, a heart of Gold, and a innate sense of caring that goes beyond the norm of anyone we know!

    Love the Dove:)

    Love ya lady!


  2. Michaela…the same could easily be said for you….beauty of the best kind…inside and out!….

    so glad our respective universes collided! 🙂

  3. …this is so GENEROUS of you…i MUST follow suit… thank you Kerin (MONsecretadmirerAHAimadeanOVERTedit)…once again…for inspiring ME…i love you…

    & LOVE YOU OODLES MD…secret or not…XOXO

  4. From the very first chat we shared, I knew you got it. Really got it. That kind of "got it" where you can look into someone's eyes and just say yes.

    Thank you SO much miss! xox!

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