happy spring…..(officially!)

we went swimming (well, Loli did..I chaperoned)
happy spring…officially
yee haw!

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  1. Ye "Ha" whilst I catcheth snow flakes upon mine tongue.
    True. It snows here today.
    Doing some reading… 🙂 It's very good.

  2. What a brave pup:)

    btw: some very tempting and damned delicious chocolate just came to the farm yesterday, I opened the package up, sent to moi from you, and was pleased beyond reason:)

    all my heart, cus you got it babe:)))))

  3. Andrea! …I am so sorry! ( about the snowflakes I mean!)…if its any solace, they are saying we might get some this week!

    and Kayla, yah know, she is built for cold water…sort of funny she is from NM and speaks Spanish….
    and you have mine too….

    ox to both of you!

  4. Spring trots in on sturdy dog feet
    muddy and drippy, but what a treat
    the birds are singing
    and buds are blooming
    your dog must now endure a good grooming!

    Happy, Happy, Happy Spring!

  5. …basking in 70 degrees…by "the park"…Central Park that is…i may be working but it BE GOOD in da sun…SHINE!

    …absolutely love the photos…

  6. Loving the puppy pawprints on the bridge and -yes(!!) – the happiest of springs to you!!!!


  7. Love the shot of the feet . . . I have this bizarre conviction that dog feet smell like popcorn. No really.
    They so do.


    Happy Spring, Kerin!

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