quick postscript…..

P.S….I received an email from a reader inquiring what this post had to do with my jewelry making?…well, just about EVERYTHING!….stay with me here, gentle readers….I will work on weaving a web of connection for you as we continue this journey!….hope your day was glorious! 
( I will be back very soon! )

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  1. I'm curious did they ask what your Mardi Gras post, or your hope for Spring post, or any of the others that indicate you are a whole person, have to with jewelry making? I agree EVERYTHING…What you will inform us about but also the fact that "life" inspires (your) art. The mundane in the sublime…How odd a question…?
    Love all your posts. Jewelry related and those that have the appearance of not being about jewelry making…

  2. oh, you know, Andrea, I think ( and maybe I am wrong here) they were just trying to understand the connection, not necessarily dissing the subject as being 'off task' or anything…….and there is one…its about respect for all of our natural resources…many of us live as if nothing we take form the earth is finite…and that is just one of the myriad subjects I enjoy talking about…!…but, you are also right, in that part of the purpose of this blog is simply to paint a larger picture of who I am, because, yes, my life informs my art, and vice versa!

    ox K

  3. Ms. Kerin Rose. In the matter of your blogging, I actually delight in reading whatever you write. Whether it is about the way you use only recycled metal, sharing your recepies for scones and soups, awaiting the first buds of spring, or your creative process. Blog about anything you want dear and explain anything you want, too. What a strange email… perhaps that person hasn't been following you for long?

  4. well, you know, people read different blogs for different things….I am not sure exactly what about what I write might cause someone to feel as if they would like to 'follow' and read my musings regualarly, but I certainly do appreciate the company!….I write this blog, as Andrea pointed out, to give more of a sense of me as a "whole person"….that, and the fact that I love to write, just makes it fun for me….

    I must say, again, I don't think the person was trying to be snarky with me!…..they were just wondering!…

    the 'connection' between herbs and not marauding the earth to get them, is the same reason I use only recycled silver….we walk on this earth, and USE it as if her resources are only for us, and not finite….
    Rosemary talked about how say, ginseng root, can take 30 years of growing to get to the size and maturity to be useful…we yank it out of the ground….not thinking it will take 30 years to replace it…..so that is the connection for me….

    ox to you all for weighing in!

  5. You know…..

    Anything you attend, anything you touch, eat, love, give to or receive from, any activity that makes you thrive, and losses or gains –

    deep breath-

    these all make you… YOU. Everything you could possibly to think to write about here definitely will tie in to your creativity as you digest the knowledge and love.

    I am astounded that someone could not see that!

    You are amazing,

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