signs of Spring in Vermont…..

-watching my sister’s honeybees wake up and leave the hives for short jaunts
-tapping the maples for that famous Vermont syrup
-eating sugar on snow with a pickle
-opening  my windows and playing Van Morrison loud enough to hear in the yard
-breathing deep, the air is so sweet and muddy smelling at the same time
-betting on the ice melt on Joe’s Pond
-listening the Canadian Geese on their way home
-saying  “hello” to the little rock spiral I built in my yard again
-having these amazing days, where it is warm enough to wear a sweater, but there is still snow on the mountaintops, and when the sun hits them, you are overwhelmed with the beauty of being alive

what does Spring look like in your corner of the world?

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  1. It was a very sunny and warm day here yesterday. We watched hundreds, and hundreds of Canadian Geese, Cranes, and Ducks begin their journey back north. Today, its rainy and a little bit cold… that is what spring is like here in New Mexico!

  2. Wow…sounds remarkable! The best weather when you can just wear a sweater!
    It is cooler in our neck of the woods than it was most winter but it is sunny and fresh and cool and breezy all at the same time! So glad we are taking our time with the change of seasons. Love the fluffy bee!


  3. What a cute little bee! I love that you work with wax from your sister's bees. Spring in Vermont sound delightful. Somehow it's not as remarkable a transition here in Atlanta…must be the lack of snow 🙂

  4. Tez, the geese and cranes are with me!….

    MLJ….I know isn't mr worker bee cute?…( actually, believe it or not, I have to keep my distance…I am allergic to their sting…my sister thinks I should let them sting me to develop antibodies in a controlled environment, but I am not interested in finding out how that goes down….)…I do eat their honey to build up some stuff…dont know if that is an old wives tale?

    and Alice, I would consider myself lucky not to have the snow…I am just not a great fan at all…pretty to look at but I am kind of over it after the first storm…so funny cause I loved it as a kid…

    but its true…Vermont has 4 very distinct seasons, all so dramatically different from each other….its cool!

  5. I am allergic to bee stings too and once I got bit by 5 or 6 because I threw a rock at their nest (don't ask, I was little). At any rate, the domesticated ones, if really cultured, don't sting people, we had 10 hives growing up and our bees were very cultured…tee hee. Our neighbors bees where wild and unruly. And you can't let the ruly and unruly mingle too or the whole line gets messed up. : ) ANyhow, I do believe that eating raw unfiltered honey is good, you know about the NewZealand variety with document antibiotic properties. I am off to YOGA…love to you! What a long post I am sorry!


  6. Your springtime sounds lovely. I've been meaning to leave you a note for quite awhile now to tell you how wonderful I think your work and blog are.

    Spring here looks like bare fields freshly tilled. The tobacco will be planted soon. Buds on the Bradford Pears. Daffodils in the ditches along the road . . . (which always surprises me because I can't understand how they got there.)

    Oh, and lots of peeps. I'm a fan of the Easter peep candy. Spring is here when I start popping those bad boys in the microwave.


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