something I have been pondering…….

Have you ever thought about the sheer power of words? That the simple ( or complex ) act of writing them down or giving voice can birth a chain reaction both yin and yang. A chain reaction of inspiration and desperation, connection and destruction, friendship and alienation, love and war, understanding and confusion, beginnings and  endings. The simple turn of a phrase, either misunderstood or misinterpreted, can redirect a desired outcome like the flip of a quarter.We can be so impulsive with them, not thinking about the impact of what we are about to say…..We use them with reckless abandonment all day long, every day….sending them out into the universe with barely a forethought, barely venturing to embrace how far the repercussions from a simple statement can travel… journeying through generations….. piercing through someone else’s heart….
this week my heart was broken by words…and it did far more damage than a hand could ever have done
 sticks and stones might break our bones, but words most definitely can hurt us
teach your children well 

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  1. Oh my dear… I am so sorry that harmful words found that incredible heart of yours.
    I hope that your healing is swift and that these words lift you some:
    you touch my life.


  2. I think that's why "in the beginning it was the word'…word is nothing but creative power, and so very true that it could go either way…now tell me who was it who broke your heart and I will go chase them and make them take their words back

    Love you heaps…


  3. Oh…I don't know what to say…Words are cheap and yet, as you say, they can break your heart…They are what we have to use, perhaps communicating with the intention behind mere words will evolve in future humans…I am hoping words will also heal your break.
    Thinking of you Kerin…

  4. Although, I also design/create jewelry I am truly a fan of yours-jewelry and "your words". Words can hurt but then we can say words where we change lives without even realizing we are doing so. I think I will write about one experience on my blog about this. I guarantee that the hurtful words that u experienced will have a positive effect at sometime. There is always a positive in a negative situation. Peace and light to you and yours.

  5. I am sorry you have been hurt by words.
    I totally agree with you.
    We must all be very careful in how we express and talk.
    Our kids are a reflexion of what they see in us.
    My beautiful son has been hurt a lot with words and I feel more sorry for these other kids that hurt him, because they have learn to not be tolerant and kind.
    Love you my friend!

  6. I've been thinking pretty much the same thing for the past couple weeks. a revisiting to the topic. in fact…. words are so often thrown around thoughtlessly, and without care or a moment's thought on how they may affect the listener.

    there is much to be said about taking a moment, or a week before allowing words out of your mouth.

  7. thank you all, friends, for weighing in on this, and of course for your "kind and caring" words ! :)….you know, my nick name growing up, from my parents was "Ponderina"…and it's true….there is not a whole Iot I take for face value… all honesty, yes, something did happen, but my ponderment was me just thinking out loud……

    appreciate your visits, and your buoying words more than you know….( actually, I am trying to use my words to tell you right now! 🙂


  8. Kerin…do u see all the net friends that responded to your post. See there is a positive in the negative.

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