the four directions…on my bench, on my mind….

I know I have spoken of this before, but much of what I am working on at any given time comes to me in that semi-conscious state of mind when we are lingering between awake and slumber….I am sure you all know it….I believe that’s when  I do some of my best creating!….this image (or rather a facsimile of it, looking like a finished piece of my silverwork) has been haunting me for the last few weeks. I am in the process of answering the call, and am almost done carving in wax. To me, this is strange, as the medicine wheel pictured is from the mighty Sioux Nation. I have aboriginal blood in me for sure, but I can tell you with all certainty not a drop of Sioux. ( I will depend on my friend Michaela Dawn to clarify any errors here, as this is in part her heritage!)…this image has been relentless with me…and I must answer it’s siren song!….I just love the symbolism of this wheel and have been doing a bit of research as to the quadrants and their meanings…….

white horses
white bird’s wing
buckskin horses
sacred hoop
flowering twigs
sorrel horses
daybreak stars
 the sacred pipe
black horses
 a cup of sky
old age
I just love the way it all comes full circle….and am pondering the interconnectedness of it all…this one is going to take a bit for me to wrap my brain around….what do you think all these symbols mean?
Ponder with me, please!
Mitakuye Oyasin

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  1. What you send forth comes back to thee,
    and woman you send forth love and an unmeasurable amount of insight and light…

    I think it very appropriate that the muse has taken your heart and declared you place your mighty talents in its request…

    I feel there is so much to learn from this simple yet all encompassing symbol, and believe it's destine for you to claim… for it to be honed from your hands.

    All my heart and all my appreciation,

  2. I hope Michaela helps us…I have no clue although when I first saw it I thought this has to be Indian. I was thinking warrior themes and see that I was wrong! I am glad it is moving out of your head into your hands into a wax form! : )


  3. …we are ONE…we are CONNECTED…we are HUMBLED

    Native American Indians learned how to live with the earth on a deeply spiritual plane…with an intuitive sense of intimate connection with all of existence from Sister Stone to Brother Bear to Father Sky to Mother Earth…sincerely, deeply with passion & strength… often known as the Great Spirit…

    the flow between nature & ourselves is always in process…

    i am pleased you are inspired…& dreaming…this vision quest…lovely lady…& thank you for sharing.


  4. I can't wait to see where this leads.

    On that note it's so very interesting to read the symbols for each direction, ESPECIALLY as they don't seem surprising in the least, but so very intuitive (a cup of sky to the West, that phrase… I've seen it, I feel that I know exactly what that means and I'll carry that phrase on my heart for a while here).

  5. oh my I know….you know, this feels so complicated and big….and I am not really sure I can do it justice…..

    its like unraveling a big mystery, and yet, something so familiar, like Umber says….

    gratitude to you all for imagining me up to the task!

    ox K

  6. Mizz Kerin. You are more than up to the task… I'm sure you are on the brink of a very wonderful and spirtual representational talisman…. can't wait to see it, I know it will spring forth soon.

  7. Well, I have chills. Something BIG is brewing for you, that is certain. And I can't wait to see how it manifests!

    An email is coming your way soon.xoxo.

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