Springtime in Vermont…..

The last time I looked, it was the last week of April in Vermont….( and everywhere else as far as I know)….yes, it does this here sometimes….pretty surreal…as far as snow on tulips as a design element goes, I say……humbug!

I need some vicarious sunshine today…what’s the weather like where you are?

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  1. Goodmorning Senorita, Maybe the snow is not welcome but what a gorgeous picture. I hope it melts away fast. Here it is overcast, foggy, with rain or drizzle in the forcast, and all of that I read from my doodles' whiskers and by looking out. : )

    Have a great one Kerin!


  2. Ah those little monsters… Snowflakes. So pretty one on one but when you put them in a crowd they turn nasty.
    I love this photo though…
    It snowed here too but nothing lasted.

  3. Madame Kerin. It is 80 degrees here with steady winds of 30 mph gusting to 60 mph….. rather like what I imagine the planet Mars to be like on a good day….

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