The Joneses…..with Demi Moore opens April 16th…..

Heya ho…just a little bit of news I have been keeping  under my hat  that I finally can officially share with you..about a year and a half ago ( yes, it takes that long, sometimes even twice that) my work was chosen by  costume designer Renee Kalfus to be in a film called The Joneses starring an absolute fave of mine, Demi Moore and David Duchovny! A fact about me that some of you might not know is that in one of my former lives, I was a costume designer for film and tv…and I have to say,it was just such a BLAST to be on the other end this time! Anyhoo, I have not a clue exactly which pieces were featured on which characters ( I sent them a box with about 15 or 20 things) so, as you can imagine, it will be great fun to see this for the first time!
And to add a little bit to the notion of the circularity of life, the production designer for this film is the fab Kristi Zea…waaaaay back when I assisted her on a few films…Birdy, Fame, Shoot the Moon..
She continued forward in the industry, expanding her professional horizons well beyond costume design…
and here I am again, years later, connected to the industry I left long ago, in a small way!
 The Jonese is described as a “dark comedy” about American consumerist culture,  I dont want to give away the entire premise, but I promise, it is really cool….
hoping your week is shiny and bright!
ox Kerin

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  1. So cool, Kerin! I looked at some film stills the other night, trying to see if I could find any of your pieces. You must be so anxious for the movie to come out so you can see what designs they used! Such great exposure–I bet you'll have lots of people wanting to "keep up with the Joneses" and buying your designs 😉

  2. O my gosh…how exciting! Costume design?!! Well, first let me say heartfelt congratulations, and second, I am going to see that movie, up to you to let us know which one was yours.


  3. OOOO!
    I will sit with remote in hand…Searching for your work! I am not a movie watcher but this will give me a reason…

  4. Congrats! How exciting! I will definitely check out this film and keep my eye out for your amazing jewelry! And, I agree with Ivy-I am sure loads of folks will want will have to have that gorgeous jewelry that was seen in the movie!

  5. Thank you ALL for your goodwill and good wishes!
    (oxoxo)…you know, the best part of all of this,really, was feeling like I have come full circle….being on the other side of the telephone w/ an assistant designer
    (thank you Lovely Eulyn!) breathlessly requesting a box of my things…you see, that used to be me….it is always so magical to me when I witness the connectedness and circularity of life…..

    yah! Fun!……

  6. oh, and thank you again for sharing it with me!….not big on tootin' my own horn, but this one is a 'biggie'! 🙂

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