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I belong to a few online groups these days, one of them is a group of artisans calling themselves “Handmade Division”, spearheaded by the lovely and dynamic Andes Cruz.  We are having a ‘talk about’ this week end, where we all answer a question and link our blogs. I decided to participate this time, so here we go! This weeks’ talk about question is:

what item made by another artist  would you *like* to have?

Well,  I would like to introduce you to Frida Kahlo and her painting titled “Self Portrait with Monkeys”. I believe this one is in a museum, ( or probably belongs to Madonna, who idolized her, hoping to play her in the biopic, and owns many of her pieces. Salma Hayek won the rights to produce and star in the film, which I HIGHLY recommend…see a clip HERE)…but if I could have this painting, I would make it mine! Frida (1907-1954) was a self taught surrealist who married in an on again, off again fashion to Diego Rivera, the famous Mexican muralist. I love her  vibrant colors, surrealist style, and incorporation of the natural world. Out of her 200 or so known paintings, most of them were self portraits…some are fairly brutal in her ‘description’ of the aftermath of a horrific accident she was involved in, yet even these have contemplative nature, as to the meaning of life. Frida has been quoted as saying that she “painted myself as I was the subject I know best”. She had such an interesting life, albeit troubled in many ways, but her gaze, in all of her work is mesmerizing. She had the ability to make the most powerful and graphic content seem peaceful. I just love her crazy style…if my medium was paint, this is how I wish I could do it!

check out what some of the members of Handmade Division are talking about:
have a beautiful week end everyone!

PS oh, and while you are pondering Frida’s art, listen to her doppelganger, Lila Downs to set the mood…another big favorite of mine!

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  1. These talk abouts are great…now I have my weekend cyberreading all lined up thanks to you. I too really like her, even more after I only read a bit about her life…so incredibly troubled and painful I think, yet she expressed herself intensely…I knew this would be a favorite of yours… Have a great weekend Miss lovely Karen!


  2. i LOVE that painting! i saw her show at the philadelphia museum of art a couple of years ago, and this painting was one of my faves! i bought the poster, even and i have it hanging in my hall 😉

  3. Wonderful post, Karen! I have admired Frida Kahlo's work in passing, but never as much before you made me pause to consider it more closely!
    Thank you for this treasure. 🙂


  4. Hi Kerin – you don't need to publish this comment – but I wanted you to know how sweet it is that you personally mentioned me . 🙂 Also, the team is multi media, not just metal arts. If you want to edit your post, we have a beader, knitter, collage arts lady, and welder and of course leatherworker too. though there is a LOT of jewellers!

  5. I have long loved Frida, starting in my early college days during my obsession with female surrealist artists (which is not over by the way). When the movie with Selma came out I originally vowed to boycott it, certain that Hollywood would glamorize and fantasize it. But then my best art sister came home raving about it I gave it, and it's up there with one of the best artist bio-movies I've ever seen. Plus an amazing soundtrack (AMAZING painting music!).

    hmm. movie rant.

    anyways, GREAT PICK.

    Mine might have to be Mark Rothko's Number 14. at the SFMoMA (made me cry the first time I saw it).

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