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I am so falling behind on everything this week…work, getting the garden together, finishing the bathroom I began painting last month ( yes, you heard me right there!) The only thing I have been able to pull off in a timely manner is this ring…a first!…this is a custom request, and believe it or not I have never, ever made one of these in this combo of silver and 18K yellow gold….anyhoo, just wanted to share, as I love the way it turned out!
sometimes your friends and customers know better than you do…truly!
well this is what is in my creative space this week….a signature design with a brand new twist….you can see what some of the others who participate in this meme are up to at Kirsty’s blog:

happy surfing….I’ll be back real soon!
hoping your week is everything you need it to be

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  1. I loved that ring from the moment I saw it, love gold and silver colors together…I am so far behind too it starting to become kind of funny…I will send you my kitties if you need a garden helper.


  2. the ring looks beautiful … i know what you mean about never getting anything done. i fall well and truly in that camp and i always wonder how everybody else does it.

    My Creative Space

  3. Alice! long time no see!….hey girl!…hope all is well with you..and thanks so much!

    Mandy: welcome!…how did you find me?….and you know, not even seeing your hands, I agree! hee-hee!

    MLJ, the ring is for you-know-who…so I cannot lay claim to the colour combo! 🙂 and I would looooove the kitty boy helpers, except I am allergic to them ( or rather would be if they were here, and I am pretty bad as I always insist on petting kitties when I shouldn't….

    Tez, mucho mucho gracias, uh huh!


    Susan, welcome to you too!…I don't get too many 'creative space' visitors, so this is a neat surprise!…
    ( I think I always sign up too late…have trouble getting caught up on that too! ):)

    truly, I appreciate the positive feedback…might need to make this ring in yellow gold on a regular basis too…

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