oh my…the Canon Rebel T1i…..

This one’s for Andrea….yes, it is still in the box ( 4 months)…I know it is weird…I am weird…can’t I learn how to use it by osmosis?….maybe if I sleep with the field guide on my head it will sink in….I think I am scared I will break it….or make it run away with my photographic newbieness….I keep using my little sony cybershot…it jumps into my hand, wimpering “me, me, me!”….
Just wanted to let you know, you are not the only one who suffers from this disease!……anyone else have a fear of boxes?….

(pygmachophobia..fear of boxes…..what a word?!)

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  1. That camera manual does look a bit intimidating…but mainly what I'm noticing in this photo are your wonderful shoes, Kerin! Too cute 🙂 Good luck with the camera–I'm sure you'll have fun once you start using it a bit.

  2. Shoes are great, carpet is classic, use of camera is not happening by osmosis! Embrace your fear….

  3. Thank you kindly…..! the shoes were a b-day gift last year…hand painted…I love them!….

    as for the camera…..oy vey! 🙂

  4. Excellent post dear Kerin…
    Shall we start an internet support group for this fear? 🙂
    We'd have to send things in jars or envelopes…
    Do these people get burried? (boxes)…Live in round houses? (a lighthouse would be wonderful!)
    It brings so much into question!
    I love my T1i. I think I said right after you got it to "just do it!"…It is so worth it. You'll learn from doing. I believe you said something similar to me recently too… 🙂
    I hope to see your shots soon!
    great shoes too!

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