farmers' market….taking my show on the road…..

It’s that time of year, and I am taking the show on the road, so to speak! The South Burlington Farmer’s Market at Healthy Living begins tomorrow, Sunday June 13th at 10 ’til 2 pm! I’ll be there, with my work, some lovely new t-shirts, if you are in the market for some summer chic, and hopefully some organic hummingbird-shaped sugar cookies ( if I can get it together today!). They have extended the season thru October this year, and doubled the markets, so I will be there every other Sunday beginning this week until then. I know there aren’t many of you in my area (Vermont) but if you are, or find yourself passing through on your way to somewhere REALLY exciting, ( like Montreal, for instance!) please stop by and say ‘hi’…. I am looking forward to seeing old friends, and making some new ones, and of course getting out there with my work!…..

hoping you have a gorgeous week end ahead of you!

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  1. Rock the Farmers Market love!!! Because every thing you offer contributes to mindful thinking and living, I adore your way:)

    p.s. sweet sweet angel I've got to show you how much I adore my organic Kerin Rose shirt and organic and earthy 'beating hearts of three' bracelet… I've been floating on clouds and wearing both for two days…

    The Farmers Market and Summer Nights at my home are getting an eye full of both as well:)

  2. I feel slightly sad that I am not there…if I were there you would probably find me sitting at your booth each week and then you would ask me to go away because I hang around too much : )


  3. Actually, I would take both of you home and ply you with home made organic hummingbird sugar cookies
    Oh, and then vegan eggplant parm and wacko beet beer….

    we would sit outside watching fireflies and laugh all night while playing scrabble slam!

    I am so wild…eating dinner backwards!….yah!


  4. Nancy, that goes without saying! :)…

    and Kerri! thanks so much for the visit…I checked out YOUR blog…lovely!

  5. I hope the show went well! I am going to be back up in Vermont for the Lake Champlain Maritime Festival in August- if you are at the farmer's market that weekend I will definitely stop by to say hi!

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