Miss Rumphius….

and, speaking of lupines, if you have never read this book…..you will love it, even if you do not have children to read it to….

It’s about  a  girl named Alice who grows into an old woman, a retired librarian, named Miss Rumphius. Her life is filled with exciting adventures, but as she grows older, none of it feels like enough. Alice keeps recalling some advice her grandfather gave her when she was a child. He told her that in order to live a good life, she had to “do something to make the world more beautiful.” But even as an old woman, she cannot figure out what she should do. Realizing the joy she has always gotten from flowers, in particular, lupines, she decides  she shall share that joy with others by scattering lupine seeds everywhere she goes. She completely transforms the rocky landscape around her home, and travels the world planting lupines everywhere she goes. In the end, she recounts her story to her young niece, who is  wondering how SHE will make the world a more beautiful place. And the cycle continues.

A lovely book, with an amazing metaphor….I often wonder,at the end of each day….
what seeds did I plant to-day?


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  1. Oh! This book was in my top ten favorites as a child – and subsequently made lupines one of the first flowers I could identify on my own. I've loved them ever since.

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