one of those days….

cold rain outside
just wanna lay on the pillows and knit
drove all over town looking for a lotus root
(no lotus root)
roasted cauliflower, brussels. eggplant
made bread n’ butter pickles
planned the  young jewelry designers summer camp I’m teaching in 3 weeks
 ( yup, passing it on)
weeded in the garden  a bit ( yah, in the rain!)
what did you do  today?
( and no, I do not  have a couch. or chairs. drives my momma crazy!)

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  1. Worked on a new necklace and stared at the computer screen for way too long while working on a new blog layout…={

    How are you, Kerin? Is the jewelry summer camp something new you are doing? That sounds really cool 🙂


  2. I love that room of yours and what you did all sounds great except perhaps the rain…I went on an early walk after doodle walk, then again another walk with my neighbor, then late breakfast, read for an hour, out with my friend to explore a new neighborhood…I was happy for everything with the exception of the shortness of the day…and btw, it was WARM, real WARM here…


  3. Goodness, it was rain indeed! I ran the Covered Bridges Half Marathon in Woodstock! Then curled up and drank lots of wine and ate lobster risotto with my aunt and uncle and parents.

    I loved loved loved Vermont…thanks for all the information you sent my way!

  4. Ivy!…a new blog? cannot wait to see…je suis ok…
    will send you an update pronto!

    Tez, I am excited that I shall be 102 in the shade soon too!

    MLJ, do you walk the doodles on leashes outside the condo compound? This I would love to see!

    Andrea, you know, its sorta fun…can just roll around with the pups at will!


    Emmy, you will have to write more and let me know how you did in your race , and what parts of VT you got to see! So glad you had a good time here!

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