what's in a name?……

I just completed these new earrings.. part of a collection I am working on with a symbol that appears in my work from time to time.
Vines grow somewhat opportunistically, as they are able to ‘dig in’ wherever possible, often gaining a foothold in a small area….they have the capability to ‘grow where they are planted’  ( or bloom if you are a clematis) often using buildings or trees for support….a beautiful metaphor, of taking the best of any situation we are given, reminding ourselves to stay in a relaxed, flowing, state of mind, and remembering  we can take that situation to its highest advantage…..we are all capable of such joyous growth!

These will be in my shop shortly…..but I am needing help with a name! Penny for your thoughts?

namaste….ox Kerin

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  1. I really adore these.

    They make me want to talk with you (artist powwow style) about this newest mini series I'm just beginning because I get the feeling portions are incredibly related. One of the pieces is based (loosely) on the throat chakra and a bit of writing I read about it. The phrase that caught me was this:

    "When fully in balance, the throat chakra enables us to unconditionally receive the bounty of the universe." And who besides vines and ravens is better at unconditionally receiving?

    Not so much a title, but certainly the first place I went when looking at these new offerings of yours.

    namaste to you,
    – U

  2. These are beautiful Kerin but I have to think of a name later…each time I look at them, a different name jumps into my head!

  3. Ivy, if you covet these, then they shall be yours!…I have owed you a trade for wayyyy too long!….somethin' black on black for me? ox

    Tez, thanks as always…you are the wind beneath my wings….he he….

    Umber….I think we need to POW and WOW….so interesting you mention throat chakra…such a big one…without it in order, we dont have our true voice….love, love, love this quote…thank you! oxox

    MLJ….lemme hear em alll!


  4. My first thought was simply twigs…perhaps mundane but i do love dry twigs…however this morning I settled on "Setting goals"…as the vine advances and buds, one leaf at a time, it reminds me of setting goals that allow us to advance rather than hinder us…so, that is what this is for me…setting goals!


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